Our guesthouses are rewarded with the certificate of Írottkő Naturpark.

Guesthouse with 5 rooms (with 2 and 3 beds), all of them with separate bath and TV, for 12 person altogether. Besides there are also a living room/lounge, dining-room, kitchen, an apartment for 6 person on the top floor, large garden, fire-place, barbeque, sporting possibilities, playground for the kids, complimentary bicycle use, badminton, tennis, sauna, csocso (table soccer), ping-pong, trampoline. We are pet-friendly. If you wish you can get breakfast in the house, dinner from the oven or half-board in one of the restaurants of the neighborhood. There is WI-FI in the house.

We help you organize your leisure

Programs: wine tasting, promenade, cycling tour (on cycle trails through neighboring villages or in the mountains)
There are tennis courts, bowling alley and horse riding-school in the village.
Several opportunities to bath: in the lake of Rohonc near to the border, thermal bath in Buk and in Sarvar, aqua park in Lutzmannsburg.
Internet café is available in the village. It`s a fun time hiking to the Kalaposko, to the Irottko or to the famous cellar line of Cak.
During winter season you can ski or bob in the neighboring ski-runs of St. Corona and Monichkirchen (ski instructors are available).
Both houses are handicap accessible too.
The Nagy Guest House is a geocaching base/starting-point. For the technical sports enthusiasts: for kids there are quads for renting. Motocross track, enduro tracks with guidance, go-cart and supermoto track for renting, ballooning (minimum price: 100.000,- HUF)

Liquid diet with meditation, health preservative course, lifestyle change (boot-camp)

The one week long course is organized in Alpokalja, Bozsok in a quiet, natural and cozy milieu. The groups are few in numbers and are guided by licensed professionals. They use ancient and really effective methods. The appropriate liquid diet cleans and refreshes the body, rejuvenates the mind therefore affects well our mood and everyday life.
Fast is one of the best gifts of the nature: the body “turns to itself” and in lack of nutrition it uses the energy to clean the toxins out. Drinking special fruit- and vegetable juices we make it sure to detoxify your body and mind without starving.
It`s an excellent cure of vascular leison, arthritis and digestive problems and it can serve as a weight-loss diet too.
The meditations give guidance to spiritual healing and help to clarify the body.

You will find the harmony of your mind and body in our place

We welcome everyone for whom health matters.Our associates are Margit Zoka ’Gitta’ who has 30 years of experience in the field of Natural Medicine as a masseuse, reflexologies expert, psychotherapeutic and Marianna Szabadfi Nagyne who put up the engaging conditions, exercises, joga, Kneipp-course, bath and delicious drink to the reform.
The cost is 85.000,- HUF which includes: accommodation with full service, sole massage for status assessment, lifestyle counseling, spiritual balance guidance, vegetarian cooking training, meditations, relaxations, presentations, hiking, baths, unlimited sauna use.
Available for a little extra: reflexology (hand- and sole massage), full body massage, aura massage, body wrapping (handling cellulites), aqua park in Austria.
Price with housing and full service: 15.000,- HUF

"Don`t live to eat – eat to live."

9727 Bozsok, Rákóczi út 105.
skype: salabakter3


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