Found it if you desire carefree, calm recreation!!

Your hosts are: Mariann and Gabor

We invite you to spend a nice weekend or holiday in our friendly/family atmosphere home in Bozsok by the Gold-stream(let).
We have welcomed and entertained visitors for years. It is our first priority that our guests have a good time with us. Our daughter is looking forward for the new visitor-kids in hope of new playmates. Our dog, Zizi is also happy about every new guest. We help to find the best bicycle or hiking trails and we will guide you through the tourist attractions of the neighborhood if you wish. After the all day long adventure you can relax in our brand new sauna and a masseur comes on request.
Around the house we keep everything in order and, although we are following the reform cuisine, you can enjoy a rich breakfast of scrambled eggs with bacon or a cold dish with various hams and meats/ continental cold dish. The favorite is the oven and fire-place in the garden where you can sit and enjoy the finest vines while there are delicious dishes roasting as ‘langallo’ or a pig.
Were you keen on self-supporting, you can choose one of our apartments, where you can make the favorite foods of your family in a well equipped kitchen.




9727 Bozsok, Rákóczi út 105.
e-mail: info@nagyvendeghaz.hu
skype: salabakter3


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